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Running Out of Living Space?

Your family will have room to relax in a new custom home

If you're feeling growing pains in your old home, it's time to upgrade. Instead of spending months searching for a home on the competitive market, you can build a home you know you'll love. Stephen's Brothers Construction in Meridian, ID can manage your project. Large, custom, high-end homes are our specialty. We can demolish the existing building on your property, clear the way for new construction and build your new home to your specifications.

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3 reasons

Managing every step of your project

When you're looking for a contractor, it's important to find a pro who can manage every step of your project. With his extensive amount of experience, our contractor knows how to tackle your project and can bring in trusted teams to handle every little detail. You can trust him with your:

Demolition project

we'll clear the way for future construction

Remodeling project

let our trusted team update any space in your home

New construction project

you can build a beautiful home from the ground up

No matter how extensive your project is, we'll take care of everything from framing to finishing. You'll have a beautiful home that will be ready for you and your family before you know it. Call 208-949-0267 now to speak to our contractor about your residential or commercial project.

What makes our contractor special?

Building a new home is a massive project that all kinds of contractors will want to take on. You must be careful when choosing your contractor to make sure you won't have to worry about shoddy work or subpar results. Stephen's Brothers Construction has the expert for your job. Our lead contractor has over 20 years of experience in the industry and knows how to handle any project. He'll ensure your new home meets and exceeds all your expectations.